“Grill this… not that”

PHW Host, Tiffany Bucciarelli and Jasper Alivia from Cuba Libre show Ukee Washington on Talk Philly how to “Grill This .. NOT That” tips for choosing the healthier alternatives!  Tune in to Talk Philly August 3rd for the sow and check out the details on The BLOG.

“Post Summer Skin Care”

PHW Host, Tiffany Bucciarelli talks to Pat Ciarrocchi from CBS Talk Philly about post summer skin care. Tune in to Talk Philly July 27th for the show and check out the details on The BLOG.

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Our Host, Tiffany Bucciarelli, takes Bailine Body Sculpting to the test! LIKE us on Facebook to get the inside scoop of Tiffany’s treatments, meal plans, and progress over the next 5 weeks!

Checkout Tiffany’s half way progress!!  click here…

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PHW visits  Six Fishes Chinese Medicine in Center City Philadelphia to learn and experience the benefits of Acupuncture from founder and head practitioner, Cara Frank.  Stay tuned for this featured web show!


Featured Contributors!  

Philly’s Fittest Guy on Wheels!

My name is Frankie LaMacchia. I was involved in a motorcycle accident 12 years ago on broad and federal streets in south Philadelphia. This devastating moment left me paralyzed from just below the chest down. The doctors told me that 3 things saved my life. First was the fact that I was wearing a helmet. Second was because I was a non smoker. And third, had to do with me being rather healthy and in shape! Please understand, that at that moment, those 3 things allowed my life to go on. It is the last of the three (my overall level of fitness) that has been my quest ever since that day on broad street. I vowed to dedicate any time I could to health and fitness!  Read More…

Fit over Fifty!

Exercise changes lives.  Whether it’s getting a player back on the field after an injury or helping an 80 year old live independently, exercise is crucial to good health.  Sadly, only two out of ten people exercise on a regular basis.  If you’re one of those people who haven’t been able to make exercise a part of your life or you find it harder to exercise the older you get, I’m here to help.Fit After Fifty will encourage you to make small changes that will have a dramatic impact on your health and well-being over time.  If you’re envisioning a brutal boot camp workout, think again.  It won’t be long before you embrace a new, healthy, way of living.  You’ll learn how to prevent common injuries, burn more calories, and adopt a healthy exercise plan that works for YOU.  You’ll even learn to love exercise when you discover that it actually makes you feel better—not worse.  Read more…

What’s With YOU? hosted by: Joe Vallee and Tiffany Bucciarelli  

PhillyHealthWatch Host Tiffany Bucciarelli and Philly2Philly’s Joe Vallee come together to find out What’s With YOU? Every Wednesday watch and listen as Joe talks about Philly’s finest and Tiffany speaks up about Philly’s fittest and inclusive interviews with people all around Philly!  

What’s With YOU will be on both PhillyHealthWatch and Philly2Philly.com

This week – September 7th!