Too Much Sun Exposure…

During the summer most people will likely spend lots of their time outside. Being outside for extensive amounts of time, however, can lead to heat stress.

When exposed to the sun while being excessively active, many problems with overheating can occur. Headaches, dizziness, heavy sweating and feeling weak are all signs of heat stress.

Some examples of heat stress are heat exhaustion, heat cramps and heat strokes. All of these are caused by too much sun exposure and not enough water staying in your body.

Too much sun leads to a lot of sweating- a body’s way of cooling off. But when that sweat is not enough to keep a person cool, there is a higher chance of becoming sick.

If people are concerned they may have a form of heat stress, they should get out of the heat as soon as possible and find a cool place to rest and drink lots of water. People should try to stay away from caffeine and alcohol because they will only make the illness worse. Any time people are out in the sun, it is important to stay cool and hydrated to avoid any form of heat stress.

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