Thank you to my 1,000’s of Facebook Friends

Thank you to all of my Facebook Friends and Fans!  I am honored to know and network with all of you and I truly appreciate your support in my quest to teach and inspire everyone to live a healthy lifestyle.  I have a lot of great additions to PhillyHealthWatch that we are excited to launch in the upcoming weeks.  If you are not a viewer of PhillyHealthWatch, please join the group of 15 thousand and counting!

Recently, I was asked to write a little blurb about what I like most in Philadelphia. The answer is simple, its the food!  Considering that this is a health conscious site, Ill stick to what my readers/viewers need to know.  I was never one for being picky at the dinner table, but I can say I have acquired a pallet for some of Philadelphia’s delicious food choices.  Naturally, I am a healthy eater so I tend to want to go to places where I can eat a relatively low calorie meal without sacrificing the taste.  One of my favorite places is Farmicia in Olde City.  They have a great menu that has a wide selection of healthy alternatives.  It also has a great healthy vibe.  The burgers at Rouge are absolutely fabulous! You “may” find an extra calorie or two in them, but my readers need not worry because we work out daily. Fork is another one of my Philadelphia favorites, specifically because their menu is printed daily that reflects international influences from around the world.  Their choices are seasonal, fresh, and inventive…  try the wild mushroom risotto (that is my favorite).  Of course, at all three places you can add a great glass of wine to enhance your meal!  And, in case you didn’t hear, a glass of a wine a day adds years to your life as well as makes it fun!


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