Maintaining your Pets Health in this Heat Wave!

Keeping yourself cool and hydrated in this wicked heat is the most important thing you can do to maximize your overall level of wellness. Air conditioning and water are a natural safe haven during these sweltering times. These are 2 great resources, that when used responsibly, allow us to enjoy our day. But, for many of us, we share our health responsibilities with those of our house hold pets. A happy and healthy pet is a happy and healthy owner.  So, when keeping your pets wellness in mind, please remember these key tips brought to us by Dana Spain (founder of the “PAWS” foundation).  PAWS is dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals.  In her words, “Treat your animals the same way you would treat your kids or yourself to beat the heat”.   A few tips and facts:

1.    Animals need to stay hydrated. Make sure that there is always clean, cool water available for your pet indoors and carry water with you when walking your dog.

2.    Dogs do not have the ability to sweat, which is why they pant to cool themselves off. If your dog is panting heavily, slow down your walk or run and offer him some water in your hands, out of a sports bottle or in a travel bowl. Offer only a little water at a time, especially to big dogs, when they are out of breath as too much can cause stomach problems. Imagine a boxer (no, not the dog, a fighter) who takes small sips of water between rounds to keep hydrated without getting sick.

3.    Limit strenuous exercise with your dog during the hottest hours of the day. Like humans, dogs can overheat.

4.    Always keep your cats indoors. Yes, they love looking outside at the birds and insects, but they belong indoors! Make sure you leave the AC on during hot days even when you are not at home. Cats need to keep cool, too.

Thank you Dana for sharing with our readers on how to keep a smile on our doggies or kitties faces.  Be sure to check out their next event, 7th Annual Chefs’ Dinner for PAWS on Monday, June 27th

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