Have a Safe and Healthy Weekend… We have info?

Hey PhillyHealthWatch Fans, sorry we didn’t blog about any specific topics today it’s due to the info that we have.  We are currently ramping up to launch the PhillyHealthWatch Magazine.

WHAT??  PhillyHeathWatch Magazine?  Yup- that’s right!

We were in photo shoots all day with Alyssa Maloof snapping pics for our release.  Thank you to Michael Ortiz at Pileggi on the Square for doing my hair and MAC Cosmetics for an awesome makeup application.

We want to take this opportunity to thank the many people and businesses that have supported us and are willing to work with us on our new Magazine.  We are so excited to work with all of you as well.  We are confident that Philadelphia is going to be a leader in the health and fitness efforts of the USA.  We are very excited about this project!

We just wanted to say to all you “Weekend Warriors” out there, have a happy, safe, and healthy weekend!  Enjoy your families and friends responsibly and make sure you get out there and do something that you have been wanting to do all week long.

Stay healthy my friends!

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