A Healthy and Happy Dad on Father’s Day

So, this Sunday June 19th, another fathers day is upon us. Whats it going to be this year for dad? A new tie, or shirt, or tool from home depot? While we love all these cool things for a guy, we here at PhillyHealthWatch are interested in only one thing. The mission is to keep dad around for many healthy and happy fathers days to come.  Whether he’s working hard for us, or cooking for us, or just teaching us something new, we appreciate everything he does day after day, and we love him unconditionally. Its for these very reasons that we want to see him fit, strong, and relaxed.  After all, he’s our DAD!!!

Here are a few gift ideas PHW style that are sure to keep the “MAN” of the house a healthy and relaxed guy. First, is a great book you can purchase on amazon.com called “Ultimate Dumbbell Guide” from Mens Health. Its an awesome and easy book thats filled with thousands of exercises you can do with just 2 dumbbells.  And while your at it, get him a set of dumbbells to go with the book. We suggest 2 20lb weights. Second, theres the grooming and shaving kits from “The Art of Shaving” on 1528 Walnut St. It was hard to pick one specific kit because there all great, but we especially love the “pure badger black brush” kit.  These cool shaving items are sure to make dad feel like James Bond. And lastly, theres the Strengthen (For Men) package from Lux Spa and Fitness which includes a relaxing Aveda Chakra massage and Aveda Pure Focus Mens Facial.  This last one is guaranteed to rejuvenate and re motivate Pop!  He will feel like a million dollars after leaving this Spa.

So here you have it, three great gift ideas that are going to put a smile on Dad’s face.  And what better gift to ourselves than to see the man in our lives happy and healthy!

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