Introducing Sergio and Nathans Hydration Packs!!

Whats up PhillyHealthWatch community? This post is coming to you from Sergio Bucciarelli, you know, Tiffany’s husband.  As many of you already know, I have been very involved in the local health and fitness industry for about 15 years now. I have taught and competed in many various fitness related circles.  FITNESS IS MY PASSION!  Always will be! As my personal missions continue to change, running has become my new found passion and one of my top choices for my overall fitness regimen. I don’t know how else to say this besides “I love to RUN”!  But, my new found happiness hasn’t been so easy as of lately. These Philly summers anymore, with there 99 degrees and 99% humidity, don’t make for ideal running conditions. So, along with my favorite new activity, the heat has lead me to my favorite new product. Nathans hydration belts and water bottles.

Now, this is not a sales pitch by any means. I assure you I’m not making one penny by speaking highly about this product. It has simply become my best friend during most of my runs. Take today for example. I ran the Cooper River loop 2 times 3.65miles per loop. I had my Nathans pack with me and was able to rehydrate very easily. If it hadn’t have been for prior engagements, I would have went for a 3rd or maybe even 4th loop. These packs are great!  They strap around you like a belt, hold a number of water bottles, and stay comfortably tight to your body. This thing doesn’t bounce at all when I run. A huge plus! And, what makes me feel even better about wearing these belts is that Nathans Human Propulsion is a local business. They seem to be dedicated to supplying a comfortable experience to any one seeking that outdoor thrill. Check out there website, there pretty knowledgeable about there craft. All I have left to say is “these guys got it right”.

In the future, I will be contributing from time to time on the PhillyHealthWatch blog. I am constantly running, biking, swimming, lifting weights, doing martial arts, doing group exercise, and teaching my TRUE CHALLENGE classes. And, I’m having a BLAST with all of it. I am very blessed to have the greatest friends a guy could ask for, who just happen to be this cities fittest, toughest, most motivated, and positive people. I hope to share some of my journey with all the PHW viewers, as I live it myself!

Thanks and stay tuned!

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