Yes! PhillyHealthWatch is Going to be an Online Magazine!

That’s right PHW gang, As stated last week, we are most definitely going to add a magazine to our site. And, we are REAL PUMPED UP about it! PhillyHealthWatch “the magazine” is going to showcase anything and everything having to do with health and fitness in the entire Philly area. Our goal with this is two-fold: 1st, to create a community that brings businesses, enthusiasts, and health conscious people together to lift Philly to a new level of greatness. And, 2nd, to deliver the smartest, best, most informative, most motivational, and fun content this city has ever seen. I have a feeling this is going to be one HECK of a ride!! Buckle up!!

Why are we choosing an online magazine? We here at PHW feel that as a health and wellness based blog, its only fitting that we consider the wellness of planet earth. By not placing this SUPER COOL content on PAPER, we will try to do our part by caring for mother earth and her trees. Also, not one drop of GAS is required to deliver any of it. We’re also real stoked about making this Magazine readily available to everyone in Philly with just a click of a button. Did I mention how PUMPED we are??!!

Our hope is that everyone feels the same passion that we do. We have not yet released a launch date because we are currently putting together a team of talent.  This is going to be a SUPER TEAM of the most talented and knowledgeable people living in or around the city of brotherly love.  Stay tuned, we are going to have info on how you may be able to be a part of this select group. Have a Great day Philly!

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