3 BAD Mistakes We Make While Exercising in the HEAT!!

We love the summer time here at PHW! I mean really love it. A stroll in one of our awesome parks, or a bite to eat outside at a hip Rittenhouse or Old City restaurant. Or, just simply hanging out with friends and enjoying life. But what about when we take our workouts outside? Here in Philly, the heat and humidity can make walking to our cars a miserable experience. Not to mention, planet earth IS getting warmer.

So how do we get out there and enjoy our favorite exercises? That’s simple! Just get out there and do it. But wait, hold on! Before you go darting for the door, make sure you avoid the 3 BIGGEST mistakes people make when working out under a blue sky.

Mistake #1: Wearing the Wrong Clothes                                                                                  More specifically clothes that are too big. Many times we think that if an article of clothing is loose and baggy, we will be more comfortable and cool. WRONG! Big clothing along with sweat allow for some major chaffing that can be real painful. It also traps in more body heat. That’s a bad thing!  The easiest rule to remember is to wear clothing that stays relatively close to your skin and is made of some type of moisture wick material. Nike and Underarmour have tons to choose from!

Mistake #2: Not Drinking Enough Water                                                                                           Some of us will choose to cary a water bottle with us to sip during our workout. But, I know you know this already, if you wait until workout time to drink its already too late. You want to get this water thing correct. Trust me, dehydration is not fun. The easiest rule to remember here is 15-8-15.  15 ounces before exercise, 8 ounces during, and 15 ounces after. Feel free to drink more but no less. Of course the amount will vary due to the amount of exertion, but this is a simple way to assure we consume at least the bare minimum.

Mistake#3: NO Sunscreen                                                                                                             Ok, I have a news flash! ITS NOT COOL TO BE TAN! Skin cancer people. HELLO! Its a risky proposition exposing your skin, which happens to be the largest ORGAN of your body, to the ultra violet rays of the SUN. Hold on, I know what your thinking, vitamin D. Yes you are correct vitamin D does wonders for our bodies. The list of vitamin D benefits is endless. But exposing your skin without protection for long periods of time (90 min or longer) is proven to cause various forms of skin cancer. So be smart. Its real simple. Spf of 15 or higher lightly coated over any exposed body parts.

Now with these 3 tips get out there and do whatever it is you love to do to stay healthy and in shape!

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