Quality Fitness Centers! Bigger Isn’t Always Better!

Hey PHW crew! I hope that you guys have gotten off to a great start so far this week. Hopefully yesterdays quotes helped a little bit. Todays topic is fitness center SIZE. I feel this is important to talk about because there have been so many new small, what I call, fitness boutiques that have opened up in and around Philly recently. This leaves us with a choice. Do we try to accomplish our goals at a big gym or a small one? Heres what we think at PhillyHealthWatch.

When it comes to achieving overall health and wellness goals, The SMALLER MORE FOCUSED fitness centers ALWAYS outweigh the larger ones.  The reasons for this are many, so lets name just a few. First, navigating to and through a super club can be a real waste of time. When it comes to training, the one fact that we do know is that working out at a high intensity over a short period of time always works best. Most of the time these super clubs are located in NOT so convenient places due to there size (big fancy buildings or oversized malls), and in the city you will almost always be burdened with super high parking prices. Second, small clubs are usually more community friendly. They take pride and care in there members, not making them feel like they are a part of some massive sales marketing agenda. And trust me, if you pay $100 plus/month with often increasing member fees, you are most definitely part of a sales driven agenda. Thats NOT Cool! And finally, the smaller places are more fitness specific and focused. They take their clients on a focused journey maximizing your time, effort, and money. Philly is now filled with awesome studios that have purpose. We strongly suggest joining a club whose owner is passionate about yoga, Pilates, spinning, jiu-jitsu, cross training, kettle bell training, boxing, or any other method of exercise.  Yes, you may find this all under one roof at a super club, but not with the amount of dedication that a small club has to offer. The only analogy that I can think of is that the BEST stuff is never bought at BIG OLD WALMART!

If you are thinking about joining a BIG club, make sure it is a family run and operated one. This will make a world of difference. You wont feel like corporate cattle in these places. And, they do make you feel at home. There are still a few left in and around the Philadelphia area and they are great.

These are just opinions to choosing small over large fitness clubs and are not reflective of any particular club. We just feel you will get MUCH more for your dollar in a smaller more passionate studio. Always remember, fitness isn’t about fancy amenities or super social juice bars, it’s about being a better, stronger, more centered version of yourself! If you would like any suggestions please feel free to contact us at tips@phillyhealthwatch.com

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