SEX! The 5 Top Health Benefits of Doing It!

That’s right, We’re talking about SEX!

Calm down! Don’t get your undies all in a bunch.  This is PhillyHealthWatch remember, not some wacky site. Today we’re here to inform all of our brotherly love citizens as to the health benefits associated with having sex. Being centered in your overall health has to do with many factors such as sleep, nutrition, and training. But the most overlooked factor to a well-balanced life is the presence of having good sex.

The benefits to having frequent sex are many, and by frequent we mean once to twice a week. In today’s post we have listed the top 5 benefits to jumping in the sack with your partner. Every list out there on the web has these 5 at the top consistently. The list is reflective of sex from a physical stand point, not factoring in any love aspects. And FYI, love has been proven to be a real chemical thing that is able to be measured with its own physical and mental health benefits. But today, it’s all about the “Tango”!

1. SEX Boosts Immunity                                                                                                                           – Studies from Wilkes University found that having sex twice a week is linked with having high levels of immunoglobulin A which is an antibody that keeps us from getting sick.

2. SEX Burns Calories                                                                                                                               – The amount of calories is always questionable, but on average a half hour session of intercourse burns approximately 100 calories. Can You say fun fitness regimen? LOL

3. SEX Improves Cardiovascular Health                                                                                                 – Studies show that doing the horizontal tango once or twice a week reduces the risk of fatal heart attacks by one half. This number is especially evident in Men.

4. SEX Relieves Stress                                                            – Due the calorie burning and cardiovascular work output, sex lowers a persons overall blood pressure. The lower the blood pressure the lower the stress level. SWEET!

5. SEX Is A Natural Pain Reliever                                         – During intercourse and especially orgasm, the hormone Oxytocin is released in high levels this in turn increases the level of endorphins that are fired. Both of these high hormone levels lead to relief of most pain that your body is experiencing.

So there you have it. 5 top bennys to having sex. As if you really needed another excuse. Grab your mate and get to work! PHW where the best way is the healthy way!

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