Product Watch – Tan Towels

In my quest to find the best self tanner I was referred to the Tan Towel!  I have used self tanning creams, from Clinique to Estee Lauder, they all left me a little orange and when I applied the lotion it made me sweat in the hot humid weather.  I have also been to some great places in Philadelphia to get spray tanned and I firmly believe they are great if you get them before an event.  I highly recommend Pileggi on the Square or Healthy Tans for that special occasion. However, to get them every week just to maintain a summer glow seems to me a bit time consuming and expensive.  I’ve tried the spray tans and even applied the Natural Glow from Jergens to keep the tan longer, but again, the lotion made me sweat and I always felt sticky.  Recently, an unknown source referred me to the Tan Towel.  In the beginning I thought, just another streaky mess, but I tried it any way.   Of course, I am very satisfied with this product or I wouldn’t be sharing it with you.  The color is great, many people have commented that I look like I went on vacation, it is easy to apply, and the best part is it dries almost instantly and does not leave the skin moist and sticky.  It has not rubbed off on my clothes even when I wore my white tweed dress from SA VA.  So you might be wondering, where can I get this? I ordered mine from before I found out that Ettore Salon on 12th and Market and Douglas Cosmetics at 36th and Walnut carries them.  If you try them, let me know how they worked for you!  Email me at

Have a great weekend!


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