Healthy Car Travel Tips For 4th of July Weekend!

In case you guys didnt know, I traveled to my family’s house this week for a 4th of July vacation. They live on a beautiful lake and theres tons to do for the kids. We are currently having a great time. The only thing I havent mentioned yet is the fact that we (my husband, 5y/o son, and 3y/o daughter drove 13 hours in a car to canadian lakes Michigan to get there. So the question is, how do you make a car trip (long or short) a healthy one? When it comes to a healthy and successful trip, there are a few rules you need to always remember.

Rule #1  Never Stop to Eat!

We all know that when you travel the only places at the rest stops to eat are fast food places.  Eating fast food that is full of sodium and fat will only make your trip more miserable.  The sodium and fat will make you dehydrated and sluggish.  We at PhillyHealthWatch suggest that you pack a cooler of foods that are healthy and are full of nutrients to make you energetic and alert.  We suggest apples and peanut butter pre sliced in a tubaware with a scoop of peanut butter on the side, pre made turkey and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, low fat cheese sticks, pre cut mellon, bananas, and of course a lot of water (give the kids the crystal light packs in the water, 5 calories and no sugar added).

Rule #2  Plan Proper Entertainment

Planning proper entertainment for the kids will allow them to be mentally stimulated the entire ride.  Kids naturally have a short attention span, so make sure you pack several activities for them in the event that they want to switch from one to the other very quickly.  We suggest packing a portable DVD player with several different movies, activity games, and educational stories.  We also suggest the no color markers and tablets so they can draw on the tablet without you worrying about them coloring all over your car (the markers will only color on the tablet), and an educational V-Reader that will allow your child to stimulate themselves mentally.

There you have it, two simple rules that will make your travels more enjoyable.  You will physically feel better if you don’t eat that junk they serve at the rest stops and your kids will be able to entertain themselves while you focus on getting to your destination.  Need more suggestions, email us at

Enjoy your 4th of July!

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