The 10 Minute Summer Workout!

You think this one sounds easy? Guess again!

Regardless of whether you’re at the shore, up the mountains, pressed for time, or flat-out sick of the normal routine, this little workout is guaranteed to sky-rocket your heart rate and keep you in shape anywhere! The best part about the workout is that all you need is your own body weight and a few square feet of working space. This means Everyone can do it. No excuses! Also, most of the exercises performed here are ones that we’ve all heard of before. The workout is mainly calisthenics based. Kind of like the ones in gym class during our childhood. So let’s get to it gang! Remember, anytime and anyplace is the key to success.

The 10 Minute Power Calisthenic Workout

1. 60 seconds of Jumping jacks. This exercise is a Great warmup!

2. 60 seconds of Hindu Squats. With feet shoulder width apart, continue to squat up and down while bringing the back of your hands into your chest and exhaling at the top.

3. 60 seconds of Burpees. Squat down, place hands on floor, thrust legs back, do a push up, thrust legs forward and stand up.

4. 60 seconds of Hindu push ups. Get down in push up position and raise your butt up so that your body is in  V formation, swing forward like a pendulum and reverse.

5. 60 seconds of running in place.

6. 60 seconds of Push ups. Good old-fashioned push ups. Girls, yes you can do them from your knees.

7. 60 seconds of Squat Jumps. With your hands behind you head (fingers interlocked), squat down and jump on the way up as high as you can. As you land, squat down.

8. 60 seconds of Alternating Lunges. With your hands on your hips, continue to lung forward and back in place as you alternate each leg.

9. 60 seconds of Crunches

10. 60 seconds of No Momentum Sit up. Lay flat on your back with your hands by your sides palms down. Without using any momentum, crunch forward and sit up completely while keeping sure your heels and palms never leave the floor.

This workout has it all. We dare your to try it if you think you have what it takes to finish it. If you want more (we doubt it), start again and do another 10 sets for a 20 minute workout. Sorry if the explanations and pictures are not enough detail. Every one of these exercises can be searched on Google for further information. Seriously, give this one a try to let us know how you made out. Email us at and we may just give you the advanced version this workout.

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