Sex and Food! 5 Top Picks To Boost Your Libido!

That’s right gang, we’re talking about SEX again. This time it’s not about the benefits of doing IT, but the benefits that certain foods will have on your libido. We all know that sex and food are linked in many ways. Romantic dinners have been a date favorite for couples for the last 100 years. Food is just natures way of bringing people together. But, when it comes to sex, which foods are high on the aphrodisiac scale. On todays post we have listed the top 5 foods that are guaranteed to ramp up your sex drive. The greatest part is that all 5 of these foods are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants making them a superb choice for your overall health.

Top 5 Sex Foods

1.Raw Oysters– Everyone has heard that oysters are a great aphrodisiac and the truth is they are. That’s because they are loaded with Zinc. Zinc is known to raise sperm levels and at the same time increase testosterone production. Who benefits? MEN

2.Celery– I know what you’re thinking. Celery? Yes, not only is this a super healthy food, but it contains high levels of Androsterone. This is a hormone, odorless in nature, that is released through male perspiration. The hormone has been proven to turn women on. Who benefits? WOMEN

3.Avocado– There is a reason why the ancient people of Aztec used to call the avocado tree “Ahuacatl”, the “testicle tree”. The avocado is a powerhouse when it comes to sex foods. That’s because they are packed with awesome levels of folic acid, vitamin B6, and potassium. All of these combined are proven to increase male hormone production AND regulate the thyroid      glands of women. Who benefits? MEN & WOMEN

4.Chocolate– Apparently this is truly the way to a woman’s heart. Chocolate contains two key chemical called Theobromine and Phenylethylamine. When both are combined in high levels they have been proven to produce the feeling of being in LOVE. Who benefits? WOMEN

5.Garlic– How can something that makes your breath stink so bad be so good for sex? The truth is that garlic is a highly effective herb when it comes to increasing your libido. It contains a chemical called Allicin which increases blood flow to the sex organs making it easier to have erections. Who benefits? MEN

So now you know what to stock up on. Get to the grocery store and grab these tasty treats. Not only will you be improving your diet, but you’ll also be putting some POW back into the sack!

There is one more super aphrodisiac food out there. Want to know what it is? Email us at and we’ll fill you in. This ones Guaranteed to set off fireworks!

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