Top 3 Foods For Washboard ABS!

There are a great deal of foods out there that claim to be good for your overall loss of belly fat. So, we have searched the web at length and have come up with the top 3 foods guaranteed to tighten up your core. Many of the foods that we came across were great for so many things like fighting cancer and/or muscle and brain development along with their contributions to weight loss and abdominal friendly nutrients. But these three are hands down at the top of the list. Not only are these foods proven to be great by various studies but they are vouched for by our staff. Myself and a number of others here at PHW have competed in various fitness/martial arts/bodybuilding/and sport competitions that have required a strong core and well-defined abdominal. We all agree that these 3 foods were a huge part in our ab building diets. When it comes to having a slim waistline and tight sexy abs, always remember that abdominal training STARTS and ENDS in the kitchen!

1. ALMONDS- As we like to call them here at PHW “The food of the gods”. There have been claims that almonds are the best natural fat burning food that earth has to offer. Almonds are loaded with protein, fiber, and vitamin E. The reason this food is great for maintaining your waistline is due to the fact that it contains high levels of magnesium which is known to regulate and stabilize your blood sugar. Also, the high fiber increases your overall energy level keeping your metabolic rate UP. This one is hands down our favorite!!!

2. EGGS- There is simply no better protein source than that found in eggs. Recent studies are showing that, along with other good daily nutrition choices, the cholesterol levels found in eggs are not even a health risk. Factor this in with the fact that eggs have an awesome balance of essential amino acids/protein/fat, and you have a food that’s designed to keep the waist small and the abs rock solid!

3. APPLES- “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”! Cheesy right? But TRUE! This fruit is the key weapon in the battle of the bulge. 1 large apple contains approximately 5 grams of fiber and is about 85% water. This combo gives you tons of energy and make you feel pretty full, keeping you from consuming other calories. Whats more delicious than a juicy crunchy apple?

Here’s a thought. How long do you think it would take to eat 2 hard-boiled eggs, an apple, and a handful of almonds? How long do you think it would take to prepare this meal?      Exactly! There are no excuses. Now just add these foods into a regimen packed with some abdominal targeted exercises, and look out beach cause here comes the six-pack!!!

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