As I sit and contemplate todays post, I am a bit unsure as to what I want todays topic to be about. I know why this is. You see, I have been so busy with the success of PhillyHealthWatch lately (praise God), that I havent been able to dedicate a whole lot of time to my own fitness regimen. I have to be Very honest, I feel like I’m only half of my normal self. And, here’s a news flash, when I’m not centered I find it impossible to focus my Laser.  My feeling of being run down has put up a pretty good writers block. So then it hit me. I know im not the only one that experiences this from time to time. Hello to todays topic.

You see this is PhillyHealthWatch where we discuss anything and everything having to do with the health, wellness, happiness, and improvement of the people who live in this awesome town. We promote that if you eat right, stay active, and always maintain a good attitude you will be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. I, of course, am the biggest advocate of this mentality. HELLO, ITS MY BLOG! So, I guess I should have fit in whatever time I did have for myself. If I would have just went to the gym this day or that day, or if I would have just fit in that 30 minutes in the morning before I started my day. I should have just done it. Wait a minute…….

Maybe I just need to write down what I already know. Sometimes its the best way to reconnect with your values. It may sound corny but my motto has always been to “just do it”! No matter whats going on in your day, or how busy you are, you should always DO time for yourself. Not only should you just take time for yourself, but this time should be utilized doing something that makes you sweat and fatigued. It doesn’t matter how long it is. Yes, 60 minutes is better than 15 minutes, but 15 minutes is also better than 0. Everyone is different in this aspect. Some my love to ride a bike while others adore practicing yoga. Inspiration and stimulation are very personal. Biking, running, swimming, lifting weights, martial arts, meditating, calisthenics, practicing yoga, TRX, Tai-chi, racquet ball, basketball, or even just walking, it doesn’t make a difference which one of these you’re passionate about as long as you JUST DO IT. This is not a NIKE commercial it’s just a fact. If most of us, including myself, would just stop making excuses as to why we cant fit in that 15 minutes we would be on our way to being that super fit person we want to be. No matter how pressed for time we are, you can always do something simple to tighten up your ship. For crying out loud, have you tried the PHW 10 minute summer workout? If not, try it and Need I say more. I guarantee you if I would have done this workout this morning I would NOT have writers block.

I feel that HONESTY is one of the healthiest virtues a person can have. Thus, before I okayed a new topic from one of our research staff, I went with how I honestly felt.

So, Find what makes you sweat and “JUST DO IT”!

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