The Energy Drink LIE!!

Energy drinks have become super popular lately! Just take a look in the fridge at your local convenience store and you’ll see at least a half a dozen different cans of this stuff. It seems like every time I look theres a new one popping up with some crazy name stamped on it. You’ve heard of them Im sure. And, they all PROMISE the same thing. They claim to provide you with the energy you need to perform better. People use this junk to workout, play sports, stay awake, study, or just get through the work day. So many of us believe the hype, while these companies get rich putting our health at risk.

With names like Rip it, Adrenaline rush, Rockstar, Full Throttle, Red Bull, Amp, And Monster, I think a closer look into what’s in these cans is needed.  If these names sound like a marketing ploy, that’s because they are. The energy drink business is a multiBillion dollar a year business with some pretty impressive profit margins. They cost about 20 cents a can to make and sell each one for approx. 2 dollars. The names of these beverages are reflective of what they claim to do. If you drink one you could become a monster or amp up your adrenaline to go full throttle. OMG, are you serious! Do you really think that your 10 ounce heart was meant to grow wings, drive full throttle, and beat like a monster? Well, the answer is NO! Thats why energy drinks come with serious health risk.

First, lets start with the amount of caffeine they offer. The average 8-10 ounce cup of coffee contains approximately 50milligrams of caffeine. The average can of energy drink contains about 200mg. Some can go much higher. These extreme levels of caffeine lead to very extreme levels of dehydration. As we all know, dehydration leads to fatigue. Go figure, energy drinks lead to fatigue. Not for the short term though. You will become jittery and alert immediately after consumption, but look out a few hours later. CRASH CITY! And, if you dont rehydrate properly, hello to muscle cramping and multiple system breakdown. This is especially worrisome if you drink more than 2-3 a day

Also, we must discuss the other ingredients in this junk. Things like taurine, guarana, and hoodia gordina are to name a few herbs that are LOADED into these drinks. The scary thing is that there is NO scientific evidence as to the effects of theses ingredients. The only thing we do know is that they are loaded with caffeine. These caffeine numbers are not even used when tallying up the nutritional fact for these products.WOW!

Energy should never be associated with a quick fix. It should never be desired in 1,2, or 5 hour increments. Energy comes from calories. Calories come from food. The healthier the food, the better the calories. High quality calories = HIGH QUALITY ENERGY that lasts all day long. Oh, and by the way, if you use this stuff for energy during sleep deprivation– get some sleep! There is never a healthy alternative to nutritious food, lots of water, and plenty of sleep. EVER! BOTTUM LINE!

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