Is Your Workout Efficient?

Whats up PHW gang! I hope you’re all having a healthy and fit summer. Today’s post is about a very important topic. Its has to do with workout efficiency. You see, if you are someone who takes your level of fitness very serious or at least like to think of yourself as someone who is on the right track to achieving a great fit body, you must keep the efficiency of your workout always in mind! When we consider just how efficiently we are training, a few certain questions must be asked. How much time are we spending in the gym? What types of exercises are we doing to achieve our goals? How many days a week are we training? More importantly, how many days are we resting? And, what kind of food are we eating before and after our workouts to assure maximum performance? These are all important questions to finding just how efficient we are at working out.

When considering workout efficiency, I feel it is necessary to think on a somewhat primitive level. Think of some of the strongest, fastest, and leanest animals on planet earth. Then, realize what it is that they do to achieve these traits. A lion for example must sprint at full capacity to catch its prey to eat. The meal is mostly protein, and is followed by many hours of rest .This way of living make the lion one of the most efficient hunters in the food chain.  Now, we’re not suggesting that you lay around all day long or hunt for your food, but we should learn from the lions regimen. You see, shorter bouts of exercise at all out physical exertion have been proven to be the most effective way to exercise. Athletes and coaches all across the country understand that success comes from choosing your exercises wisely and doing them in a timely fashion.

So what is an efficient way to train? It’s very simple. Select exercises that incorporate your entire body, use any equipment necessary, rest VERY little during a workout, and never train over 60 minutes. That’s it! There are hundreds of exercises to chooses from that are considered “total body”, and these days most gyms have the equipment needed to do them. Some of the best stuff to use are dumbbells, kettle bells, ropes, Bulgarian bags, and BODY WEIGHT. Choose a recipe for what to do on certain days, and go ALL OUT every training session. PHW feels that 30 minutes works best to achieve most people’s goals. And lets be real, who doesn’t have at least 30 min/3 times a week to dedicate?  It’s all about doing that 30 minutes efficiently. Add this style of training to some of the nutritional info found in PHW, and you’re on your way to becoming super fit. Guaranteed!

If you want more information on efficient exercises and workout routines, please feel free to email us at We are up to about a dozen contributors that would love to share their knowledge. So, get out there and don’t WASTE any time.

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