The Good Life in Philadelphia!

What does it mean to live the good life? Are you living it now? If we only had the answers! Our lives revolve around things that we “think” matter. We think they matter because everyone else does it, therefore we think we must do the same. What really matters though, is that you are truly happy. That you live your life expecting to feel real joy. The most important part of living a successful life is that you find a way to define what happy means to you. It is the golden key of it all – the treasure. The lack of this knowledge is why most people are not happy. It is why most people are stressed and full of uncertainty. They are trying to force fit themselves into a life that is not theirs. Defining happy means you will have to look past what you thought happiness was and what the world (our media, for example) says. Otherwise, you will be back where you started. And, by the way, this is not a selfish act. This is simply you taking care of yourself. It is no different than working out to stay  fit or eating right to stay healthy. Achieving a state of happiness requires work and conscious thought. Anyone can do it!

You just have to be willing to change. Because the way you do one thing is the way you tend to do another. And know that going after your own version of happy means you will have to cough up some courage to stay on track. You will face resistance from others. But, the greatest resistance you will face will be from your own self. You will come face-to-face with fear, risk, failing, and thinking you are weird. But, you will learn that the result of pushing through your objections is you being in a place you never imagined just because you decided to honor your self and live your OWN good life.

Kathy Gonzales is a personal development expert, writer, and speaker who helps smart, successful and stuck business professionals move on to what it is they really want out of life. As a corporate consultant for 20 years, she worked extensively with senior business professionals on a national and international level. She is lovingly blunt, and inspires people to take real action.  Kathy is married has 2 great sons, lives in Chester County, and is really happy. Visit Kathy’s website at and read what she has to say about life, freedom, and feeling good.

PhillyHealthWatch is very excited to add Kathy as one of our contributors. Look for her columns on how to live a happy life in next months issue of PHW The Magazine!

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