Philly’s Fit After Fifty!

Exercise changes lives.  Whether it’s getting a player back on the field after an injury or helping an 80 year old live independently, exercise is crucial to good health.  Sadly, only two out of ten people exercise on a regular basis.  If you’re one of those people who haven’t been able to make exercise a part of your life or you find it harder to exercise the older you get, I’m here to help.

Fit After Fifty will encourage you to make small changes that will have a dramatic impact on your health and well-being over time.  If you’re envisioning a brutal boot camp workout, think again.  It won’t be long before you embrace a new, healthy, way of living.  You’ll learn how to prevent common injuries, burn more calories, and adopt a healthy exercise plan that works for YOU.  You’ll even learn to love exercise when you discover that it actually makes you feel better—not worse.

So join me and Philly Health Watch each month as we cover various topics that will help you look and feel your best at every age.  Even if you’ve never been to a gym, you can be a member of our Fit After Fifty community. You can take part in our monthly fitness challenges, meet new friends at our social mixers or simply incorporate the small changes we suggest into your life.  It’s up to you.

The greatest health benefits you’ll achieve come from the very first steps you’ll take.  So let’s get moving…together!  Your mind and body will thank you.

See you next month!


Molly Napolitano has over 23 years of experience in developing medically-based fitness and rehabilitation programs.  She earned her Master’s Degree in Exercise & Sports Science at the University of Florida and went on to specialize in exercise prescription for the elderly. For a number of years, Molly developed and directed physical therapy centers in Florida.  She has presented at health and fitness conferences both nationally and internationally and is currently the Senior Health & Fitness Expert at GlobalFit, one of the leading providers of fitness and wellness programs to large multinational companies and insurers.

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