I never envisioned myself a runner.  In fact, I despised it.  I didn’t understand how someone could say they were going out for a five mile run, could run cross country for sport, or even run in the early am hours.  I just couldn’t understand the draw that people had towards running and why I saw so many people doing it.  So of course I tried it and of course I hated it more…

This is where most people stop.  They try somethinglike running, it is too hard, and they never go back to it.  I kept going back to it.  I realized how much longer I could run each time, how it actually felt good, how I actually looked forward to running, and how I felt less stress.  These benefits alone were worth it.  Here I am, years later, with many medals from races, having completed three full marathons, and now immersed in fitness as a career.

If I had given up after that initial run I would never be where I am today.  If I can do it, anyone can, and I encourage you to do it, the sky literally is the limit.  You never know what positive impact a run can have on you…

Mike Dailey

Exercise Physiology Rowan Graduate!

Fitness Director @ Royal Courts Fitness.

Accomplished Runner, and overall great guy!                                                    

PHW is super pumped to have Mike as a contributor. What a fantastic motivator!

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